Is traveling “selfish?” How has the ideology of individualism shaped how we think? Why are careers so central to American identity? How do we reconcile chasing our dreams with the millions struggling to just survive? Does an authentic, core self exist? How did travel become personal development?

These are some of the questions my new blog will try to answer—looking at the everyday, “the most obvious, ubiquitous, important realities,” and asking “Why?” We question unquestioned assumptions, and see what happens.

The big topics include travel, identity, work, culture, and globalization. My tools are the academic disciplines of sociology, anthropology, philosophy and psychology. I really don’t like fluff.

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About me: Hi, I’m David! I am a Research Editor at The Huffington Post. I graduated from Amherst College a while ago, where my interests were sociology, anthropology and psychology. I’m also an avid traveler: I’ve cycled solo for 5 months from Singapore to Beijing, hitchhiked across China, and worked in Central America and Africa.

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