Hi, I’m David, and I enjoy reading and writing about the big existential questions of modern life. Living Meanings is the online repository of my writings.

About Me: My curiosity for such questions was nurtured at Amherst College, where I studied Sociology and Psychology. Since then, I’ve worked and traveled across the globe. Most recently, I was a Research Editor at The Huffington Post in New York. I’m now lucky enough to be reading, writing, and creating by myself, as I travel slowly around the world.

About Living Meanings: My essays primarily focus on the self in the modern world. I attempt to question the unquestioned assumptions and patterns that undergird our daily lives. I try to go beyond personal pontification, and instead ground my essays in accepted academic theory and research. I really don’t like fluff.

Sample topics include: the burdens of individualism, the fragmentation of personal identities, the search for authenticity, and the fragility of our lives’ meanings. The final goal is a wiser and more aware life.

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